ADA Wheel-Chair Accessible Bathroom

The core services we provide include:

In-home Coaching Services: developing and implementing interventions to address various client needs within the family.
Medication Services: All medication procedures are managed and overseen by RN/BSN staff, we offer assistance with psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and monitoring to assist in emotional and behavioral stabilization.
Transition: helping in discharge planning and implementation of necessary interventions to aid in the transition.
Functional Behavioral Assessment: an observation and problem-solving process for identifying client needs.
Medical assessments upon arrival conducted by RN or higher licensed individual (i.e.PA-C, MD, FNP, DO)

  • Transportation: facilitating client and family needs to promote the attainment of service goals.
  • Case Management: collaborate with families to plan and coordinate services to meet an individual's and family's comprehensive needs; assist in resourcing with the community; clinical care coordination between resources within and outside the agency.
  • Independent Living Skills: aiding in the transition to adulthood through various independent living skill building activities.
  • Crisis Management: identification of an effective crisis plan thus reducing the need for crisis team involvement through proactive planning and intervention.
  • School-based Services: developing and aiding teaching staff in the utilization of effective interventions to address problematic behaviors. Tutoring by certified teachers is also made available as needed.
  • Parenting Support: psycho-educational focus and support on increasing positive parenting.
  • Community Outings: social skill building and support in public settings.
  • Spiritual support provided by local churches and faith-based organizations.
  • Counseling Services: providing individual, family, and group counseling focused on family/relational issues, trauma, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.  For services not provided on site, LHCCC staff will coordinate services with outside providers.
  • 1:1 Direct Counseling Interventions in relation to behavioral management. 

All residents receive:

  • Daily physical activities with weekly classes from certified instructor
  • Dietician approved meal plans (with physician approval)
  • Staff-led small groups created by therapeutic professionals
  • Options for recovery group at local church for alcohol, drug, or other addiction issues. Groups are tailored for the young-adult and youth populations. 
  • Cable-TV and high speed internet with Clean Router (filters inappropriate content)

 Home features:

  • Mountain views of Superstition Mountains and San Tan Foothills
  • ADA compliant wheel-chair accessible bathroom
  • Large backyard with private grass area and sitting areas
  • In-home art lessons (supplies included)
  • Piano with lessons available 
  • Spiritual guidance and growth
  • XBox and Playstation Game systems 
  • All new flooring and paint throughout